Incoming shelf clouds over Watson Lake
Clearing fog at Watson Lake.
Clearing fog at Watson Lake2 
Willow and full moon from afar.
Watson Lake Fall

Near Watson Lake
Arc of a Rainbow at Willow Lake
Double Rainbow at Willow Lake
Somewhere in the Heart of the Dells
Granite Dells
Towards Chino
The Peaks framed by the Dells
Watson Lake
Arcing cirrus over Watson Lake
Lone Cottonwood at Watson Lake
Dells and Bill Williams Mountain
Granite Dells
Dells and San Francisco Peaks
Granite Dells
Evening light at Watson Lake
Jointing in Granite
Emory Oak and Dells
Arcing cirrus over Dells
Highest Dells
Big sweep of the Dells and Glassford Hill
Quadcopter aerial over Willow Lake

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