High ranges of west-central Arizona
High ranges of west-central Arizona.

Goodwin Fire working along the east flank of Big Bug Mesa
Lower Granite Creek
The confluence of lower Granite Creek and the Verde River.

Wolf Creek 2
Wolf Creek 3
Hi above Chino Valley
Perkinsville Road
Perkinsville Road 2
Sierra Prieta Aerial Panorama
Sierra Prieta Aerial Panorama II
Claret Cup Cactus
Picacho Butte near Seligman
Looking towards Chino
Douglas Fir and maple
Quartz Cross
Glassford Hill
Ice Patterns
Ladder-backed Woodpecker
Western Meadowlark
Chino Pronghorn
GBH in the Dells
Acorn Woodpeckers engaging in cooperative Breeding behaviour.
Along the Hassayampa River
Along the Hassayampa River
Narrws near Wilhoit.
Red-backed jumping spider,
Coyote willow leaves on the Hassayampa River.
Butte Creek
Wolf Creek
To the west from the Sierra Prieta Overlook
Falls along the Hassayampa Ruver
Kirkland Peak
Big sweep of the Dells and Glassford Hill
Prescott from above the middle school

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